Steel Fire Sprinkler Tank Inspection Case Study

sprinkler tank maintenance by Acothane UKThese images show the steel fire sprinkler tank before any preparation work and then after preparation. The steel fire sprinkler tank was fully relined with Acothane DW. A Logistics company in Berkshire recently had an R.O.V Inspection carried out on their Fire Tank, we also provided them a sprinkler tank maintenance. The sprinkler tank inspections confirmed significant amounts of corrosion to numerous areas of the internal substrate. The overall size of the fire sprinkler tank is approximately 9.2m diameter x 10.8m high.

Due to low film thickness, subfilm corrosion, general deterioration the substrate had broken down to the point where some holes / leaks had started to form (predominantly where the bottom of the steel tank met the concrete interface) and the fire tank urgently needed repairing, relining and any hazardous substances removing.

sprinkler tank Inspection by Acothane UKThese types of structures tend to deteriorate primarily around the base area, due to water absorption of the concrete, combined with the release of various contaminants, such as salts, from the concrete traversing into the steel substrate. This acts as a significant catalyst for sub-film corrosion and subsequent failure of the steel, due to accelerated corrosion.

Sprinkler tank maintenance from Acothane DW

These images show some of the corroded areas, where the steel base of the tank meets the concrete interface and had formed holes and subsequent loss of water:

Acothane DW was specified for the repair and relining for the following reasons:-

  • Fast curing time so the fire sprinkler tank could be operational as soon as possible
  • A more cost effective option than replacing the tank
  • Proven life expectancy of over 10 years
  • Flexible with excellent elongation properties
  • Tough – high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Solvent Free Polyurethane
  • Easy to clean making future maintenance simple
  • Exceptional track record

Quality fire sprinkler tank relining

A suitable sub-contractor was chosen to prepare the water tank and apply the Acothane DW coating. The fire sprinkler tank was prepared using grit blasting equipment to provide a suitable surface profile to promote optimum adhesion of Acothane DW. After blast cleaning all dust, residues and debris left on the surfaces was completely removed.

AFire-Sprinkler-Tank-Relinings this is a fire sprinkler tank and not subject to DWI regulations the Acothane DW coating only needed to cure for 24 hours before the tank was ready for use.

Acothane DW was then be applied by plural component hot airless spray equipment to provide a tough, flexible seamless finish. All crevices and deeply pitted surfaces were completely penetrated and coated particularly edges, bolt heads, weld runs, etc. During application the operatives carried out regular checks of wet thickness with a wet film thickness gauge to ensure the specified thickness was applied.

The external lower perimeter of the structure was also prepared utilising dry abrasive blasting equipment, in preparation for the application of Acothane DW, which overlapped the concrete / steel interface externally.