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Product History

Acothane DW


Fifty Years Corrosion & Erosion Protection For Steel & Concrete

Acothane DW has over thirty years known and proven performance in a wide variety of applications.

Acothane DW was developed in the late 70’s and early 80’s and had its first industrial application in 1980.

The first application was to the girth welds of gas transmission pipelines for British Gas, condenser boxes and tube end plates for the CEGB and as a concrete water proof membrane for water retaining structures.

During the 80’s and early 90’s applications for off shore North Sea operators included splash zones on stations, conductor tubes and risers, sub sea pipelines and housings and anti-slip deck coatings.

During the period 1984 to 1994 over 200,000 square metres of steel bridge structures were coated, following an extensive test programme run by British Steel Swinden Technology Centre.

During the same period, significant work was carried out in the UK Water Industry, where Acothane was applied to surge vessels, process vessels and GAC filter vessels, pipelines and sewage digesters, waste channels and bund areas.

Surveys carried out on a number of structures after twenty to twenty five years are positive and a further twenty to twenty five years corrosion protection has been forecast.

For the last thirty years Acothane DW has been used successfully to reline water retaining structures such as fire sprinkler tanks, potable water tanks, flat steel galvanised water tanks, sectional steel water tanks, GRP water tanks, concrete water tanks, concrete reservoirs, cooling towers and many more similar applications.

With over thirty years proven maintenance free performance in a wide variety of aggressive environments, Acothane DW will accommodate the requirements for decades of corrosion protection, providing the specification is right going in and the preparation and application is carried out by competent partner applicators, who will give due regard to all the necessary standards to achieve the long performance life.

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