Underground Service Reservoir


Underground Service Reservoir

This enormous underground Victorian reservoir benefited from an extensive refurbishment in 2016, which along with the installation of a new external roof membrane, included the relining of the internal wall surfaces.

After removal of the existing failed waterproofing system, the walls were levelled using a sprayed concrete, finished off using a wood float.

Whilst this was curing, Heating and de-humidifaction equipment was installed to ensure that the correct application conditions were achieved, and to ensure that the moisture content within the new cementitious lining was below 16%.

Acothane DW was chosen as the preffered final waterproofing system, due to its approval under regulation 31 of the drinking water inspection act, its tough polyurethane finish, solvent free composition and flexibility.

All walls were first sealed using Acothane LV Sealer, followed by a first coat of Acothane DW Cream to a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm, followed by a topcoat of Acothane DW Blue at a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm, giving an overall thickness on minimum 1mm.

Acothane DW also benefits from a 7 day curing at 3 degrees C, offering a fast return to service.

All cast iron beams within the vaulted soffit, column bases and pipework were treated with Acothane DW after needle gun and grit blasting preparation.

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Acothane DW is the only solvent free polyurethane coating product on the market that is fully approved for use with drinking water for use in steel, concrete and GRP drinking water retaining structures.

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