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Acothane Wasteseal

Acothane Wasteseal (formally named Corroless ACO Wasteseal) is a sprayable structural composite lining for new pipes and the restoration of existing pipes.  The technology has more than 40 years of field use in pipe lining and external pipeline protection.


Acothane Wasteseal is formulated as a carbon fibre reinforced, solvent free, hybrid polyurethane coating to provide the stability you require.  By incorporating carbon fibre reinforcement, the coating is designed to deliver maximum strength and durability.  For restoration cases, Acothane Wasteseal is designed to remain intact even after the original pipe has decayed away.

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Key benefits

  • VOC free

  • Excellent strength, stiffness and durability

  • No timely and costly earth work

  • Minimal invasive reinforcement

  • Customized applications

  • Fast back to service , 1 hour

  • No extra curing measures required (no steam, no hot water, no UV)

  • Feathers into outlets as it is applied à No cutting out of pipe joints required

  • Low wear rate in abrasive flows

  • No shrinkage

  • Lining lengths of up to 1km per week achievable


Acothane Wasteseal is applied using a centrifugal process.  The coating feathers into outlets as it is applied so cutting out joints is not required.


Suitable for iron, cement mortar lined, clay  and steel pipes from 75mm to 2000mm.  A continuous spray yields a leak free, corrosion resistant, seamless lining for up to 430m lengths in a single operation.


Acothane Wasteseal is a rapid ambient curing, thermos chemical coating, it requires no steam, hot water recirculation or UV to achieve a full cure, which creates an environment that facilitates quick repairs and reduced down times.

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Case study

Yorkshire Water- Skipworth, North Yorkshire, UK, 

July 2018

Pipe type:  Gravity sewer

Length: 200m

Diameter : 9’’

Substrate : Clay

Coating Thickness : 2 mm

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Case study

Colorado Pipeline Rehabilitation- Denver USA, 

2018 /2019

Pipe type:  Storm drain

Length: 3x105m

Diameter : 66’’

Substrate : Corrugated steel

Coating Thickness : mm

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Case study

Northern Ireland Water- BELFAST, North Ireland

October 2020

Pipe type:  Rising Sewer

Length: 3x100m

Diameter : 14’’

Substrate : Steel

Coating Thickness : mm

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Case study

Yorkshire Water- Outward, Wakefield UK,

 April 2019

Pipe type:  Rising Main

Length: 450m

Diameter : 250mm

Substrate : Cement lined ductile iron

Coating Thickness : mm

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Case study

Yorkshire Water- Hatfield Colliery , Doncaster UK 

July 2021

Pipe type:  Rising Main

Length: 40m

Diameter : 600mm

Substrate : Cast Iron

Coating Thickness : mm



Technical Data Sheet

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