Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane Protective Coatings

Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane Protective Coatings are the most effective corrosion and erosion resistant protective water tank coatings for the refurbishment of all types of water and liquid retaining structures manufactured from Concrete, Steel or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).


With a history spanning over thirty years Acothane DW is a tried and tested protective water tank coating for all liquid retaining structures.

The products we supply are applied worldwide to reline a wide variety of water tanks including GRP Tanks, Steel Tanks, Concrete Tanks and many more.

Water Tank Coatings For Drinking Water Tanks

We ensure that the Acothane DW product range is confidently specified and applied by fully trained applicators with our comprehensive technical support and assistance.

To find out more about Acothane DW and the services we provide, view our Case Studies, which demonstrate how the Acothane DW product is used across a range of applications. We work with an impressive client base, on a wide range of projects, including Water Tanks, Service Reservoirs, Water Towers, Pipework, Channels and a wide range of associated applications.

Regardless of size, location or type of storage tank or structure, Acothane DW provides a long term solution to retaining water structures. Acothane UK is proud of its first-class reputation, achieved through consistently providing customers with the highest quality standards in application methods.


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Case Studies

High Level Concrete Water Tower
Painting a concrete water tank
High Level Concrete Water Tower
Concrete water tank repair and relining
High Level Concrete Water Tower
Concrete water tank repair reline
Concrete Water Tower
Acothane coating
Underground Service Reservoir
Acothane DW
Victorian Service Reservoir
Tank reline
Service Reservoir Pipework
Water tank reline
Steel Contact Tank
Sectional steel water tanks
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Acothane DW is the only solvent free polyurethane coating product on the market that is fully approved for use with drinking water for use in steel, concrete and GRP drinking water retaining structures.

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