Steel Tank Coatings

Our clients often ask us whether or not Acothane DW can be used within steel tanks, the answer is yes. Acothane DW is an ideal product that can be used to reline steel water tanks.

Frequently, the internal of steel tanks becomes very corroded because they are often previously relined with cheap, non-approved products. This can have detrimental effects to the quality of the drinking water that the tank is used to store.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate approves Acothane DW as well as the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme. This makes it perfectly safe to use within a steel tank that is used to store drinking water.

The benefits of using our product to reline a water tank is because, if the tank is currently out of use, it will put the tank back to a working state very quickly, making it a cost effective solution. It also provides long lasting performance that can out performance many other types of tank re-liners. To see further benefits of our product, click here to download our product brochure.

Recent Steel Tank Coating Restorations


image of a steel tank coated using acothane