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Tank Lining Coating – The Ultimate Solution

If you are looking for the ultimate Tank Lining Coating Solution, then look no further than Acothane DW. In the attached download, there is a full breakdown of what Acothane DW is, its benefits and how its do effective. And there are many benefits to this wonderful product that simply cannot be ignored, including the vast health and environment benefits.

It is not uncommon for a water tank to corrode and erode over time, especially if it was poorly installed from its inception. We’ve seen many situations where the tank or vessel has become completely unusable where mould and bacteria can emerge, making the water thats contained undrinkable.

Internal corrosion  Internal close up  Internal Mould before  Water Tank Erosion

As can be seen, the above are examples of corroded water retaining structures, which have not stood the test of time. A simple application of Acothane would solve the problem and is the long term solution to your Tank Lining Coating requirements.

Application of Acothane  Acothane Lined Tank inside view  After Shot of Application  Acothane Tank Lining Coating

Acothane has an excellent track record for providing the safest and most durable option to reline your tank or vessel. Its a solvent free formula and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Download the brochure above, or call us today to discuss your options. Call us on 0800 246 1287.